Cowboys rumored Jimmy Johnson hire is absolutely genius

The recent reports of a Jimmy Johnson re-hire are heating up at the perfect time

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys
Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

At halftime of the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers Wild Card playoff game this past January, the NFL on FOX crew was dissecting a disastrous first half. The home team was in a big hole going into the break and one crew member who seemingly felt more emotionally connected to this game, had a lot to say.

"Every single one of you know how hard we have worked to get here. There is no need to be pointing fingers, so get your rear end in there and play they way you know how to play, " yelled ex-coach and recent franchise Ring-of-Honor inductee Jimmy Johnson, towards the camera. "Defense you get after it and do what you are supposed to do and we can win this game".

With the rest of the analysts there feeling the energy in his voice, Johnson showed passion and proved that he too yearns for this Dallas team to get back to winning.

Dallas would display more "fight" in the second half but it was not enough, losing to Jordan Love and Green Bay, 48-32. Immediately following this disastrous loss, the team was not sulking in disappointment as they seemed to be itching to get back on the field. They knew that the team they had in that moment was talented enough to win, but again they came up short.

Reports recently surfaced that something else took place after the loss; a phone call between Jerry Jones and Johnson.

Cowboys rumored Jimmy Johnson hire is absolutely genius

"I am back in the fold with the Cowboys," said Johnson recently to Joe Rose on the WQAM 560 AM in Miami. "Since the Ring of Honor ceremony, I have been on Jones' advisory board and we discussed what could of been different and I gave him my opinion on where to go from here". Johnson continued to express the extend of their present-day relationship.

According to Johnson, nowadays the two men enjoy fun conversations, reminiscing like brothers. The duo was once labeled as "friends turned enemies" but now seemingly things have been patched and it could not of came at a better time.

To Cowboys fans everywhere, this duo re-connecting is a huge turn of events and a step in the right direction. During a time where the team claims to be going "all-in" for 2024 in an attempt to contend for a Super Bowl, the news of Johnson returning to the organization is fantastic.

Whether Johnson's role is big or small, just having his championship pedigree and veteran and respectable presence around the team would be a huge plus.

This could be another part of Jones' plan to get the team back to a hard-nosed and tough football team again. They did resign Coach Mike Zimmer for his toughness, ability to hold others accountable and his passion for defense. Meanwhile, during Johnson's 1990s stint in Dallas, he was also known to show the same type of emotions and coaching style. That toughness mentality is what this team needs around them.

Jones could be up to something here. Bringing back another respectable figure like Johnson could be a smart move from a business, football and personnel perspective. The size of Johnson's role is to be determined but simply knowing Johnson is back with the organization in any capacity, even if he isn't given a specific title, is special and this team has a lot to look forward to.

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