Cowboys News: Martavis Bryant back, Dan Quinn, Stephon Gilmore

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
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Stephon Gilmore played through torn labrum, will undergo surgery

Cowboys fans talk a lot about wanting more warriors on the team. Stephon Gilmore can't be questioned in that regard, as he played through a torn labrum on Sunday. He suffered the injury in Week 18 against the Commanders and popped it back into place to be ready to play against the Packers.

An impending free agent, Gilmore will undergo surgery this week. He wore a shoulder harness and played every defensive snap. Gilmore told the Dallas Morning News he would've continued playing through the tear if Dallas advanced in the playoffs.

It's unclear where Gilmore will play in 2024, but he had a strong season despite being thrust into a bigger role after Trevon Diggs' ACL tear. The dream of deploying Gilmore, Digg and Bland in the same secondary didn't come to fruition this year, but maybe next year if the front office has any interest. Like we said, this team needs more Stephon Gilmores.

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