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Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
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Cowboys legends Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith voice frustration after playoff loss

The Cowboys squandered a golden opportunity to make the NFC Championship Game for the first time in 28 years. Not since the 1990s dynasty of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin has Dallas tasted even getting to a Super Bowl, let alone winning a championship.

Watching the Cowboys turn in maybe the worst playoff performance in franchise history didn't sit well with Smith and Irvin, who blasted the team after Sunday's loss to the Packers. Irvin posted a video to social media Sunday night that conveyed his frustration and disappointment with his former team.

“When I got [to Dallas], I understood the men before me — they built the Dallas Cowboys. They made this America’s Team. They put a championship on the table before I got here,” Irvin said. “My job while I was here is to match what they have done because they built it. They handed it to me. Put my damn championship on the table. That’s all we ask. Put your damn championship on the table, and you couldn’t do it.”

Smith wasn't as passionate as Irvin. The Hall of Fame running back was more disappointed and speechless.

"I don't really need to tell y'all how said I am . . . Our defense, I guess they left their mental in Frisco, Texas versus bringing it to Arlington today. I guess they left the intensity in the old school Valley Ranch place, because that didn’t transfer either. And offensively, as much as I love Dak Prescott, but the mistakes that we made offensively was just — it was absolutely atrocious," Smith said on Instagram.

As if the Cowboys couldn't feel any more embarrassed, they managed to disgust two of the best players in franchise history.

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