Micah Parsons reacts to NFL changing rule that has screwed him beyond belief

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys
Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The NFL meetings are taking place in Orlando and they've provided an ideal pivot following a relentless wave of free-agent signings. For the Dallas Cowboys, though, a pivot wasn't necessary because the team wasn't active whatsoever in the free agent frenzy; something that seemingly annoyed Micah Parsons.

A number of new rules have been approved at the meetings, including the banning of the controversial hip-drop tackle. Additionally, teams can now win a third challenge if they get one previous challenge correct. Previously teams had to hit on both challenges to be afforded a third objection.

Those changes have stolen the spotlight for obvious reasons, but that has seen another major alteration fly under the radar. Per insider Tom Pelissero, the replay assistant can now correct specific types of incorrect calls for intentional grounding and roughing the passer.

This big news for pass rushers around the league, including Parsons, who couldn't help but celebrate on social media.

Cowboys' Micah Parsons had great reaction to roughing the passer rule change.

Unfortunately, the NFL cannot review and overturn holding calls, which have besieged Parsons throughout his young career. Last season, though, Parsons went an impossible 46 quarters without drawing a holding call before he drew two holds in the wild card playoff loss against the Packers.

That remains an obstacle for Parsons, but the Cowboys superstar has been screwed over myriad times by roughing the passer penalties.

In 2021, Parsons was flagged four roughing when Raiders quarterback Derek Carr's head fell into Parsons' hand as Carr went to the ground. Parsons essentially braced the QB's fall and was still penalized. Parsons was quoted after the game saying, "We should be playing football and not tag."

In 2022, Parsons got called for roughing the passer for love-tapping Lions starter Jared Goff as he released the ball. Fast forward to this past season, Parsons went ballistic on the refs when he got penalized for shoving the Dolphins' Tua Tagovailoa in the back. It wasn't a late hit by any stretch of the imagination.

Parsons has long been outspoken about roughing the passer penalties. In 2022, he even called for the play to be reviewable. It has to be a great feeling for Parsons that his campaign has finally come to fruition.

There's a fine line between protecting QBs and making life impossible for pass rushers. For years, the league has embraced the latter.

It remains to be see how much this rule change will result in overturned calls, but it at least gives players like Parsons who live in opponent's backfields a glimmer of hope that the NFL has finally turned a corner.

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