Cowboys making simple offensive tweak is the key to start winning again

After seemingly dominating through the air most of this year, the lack of run-game success proves even more that keeping up with the pass-game is the key to their chances.
Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys
Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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Cowboys going back to a pass-heavy offense is the key to winning games

Dallas needs to continue to throw the ball in these next coming weeks, plain and simple. That is an easier choice given their matchup against a tough rushing defense in Detroit on Saturday. Whether Pollard was on a tear or not, the Lions are not a team you are excited to try and run against. Therefore, this Saturday's game, Dallas should focus on hurting the Lions through the air which is something the Lions have struggled to cover this year.

The Cowboys are putting together close to 255 passing yards per game while the Lions by the numbers, are in the middle of the pack in term of passing yards given up per game. The writing is on the wall, let this be a battle of air-yards between both teams!

Both teams have things that they need to prove to themselves. The Lions, 11-4 and the Cowboys,10-5, both have been somewhat inconsistent at times (record aside) and the Cowboys specifically have shown an inability to beat contending teams.

This Saturday is a way for them to change the narrative.

The Lions have clinched a trip to the playoffs and an NFC North crown and they will bring Dallas all the problems that they can handle. This can be a shoot-out type of game and a 30 point outing for each team seems reasonable.

Thankfully, games at AT&T Stadium are usually in Dallas's favor and a place they seem to always dominate in, especially in 2023. They should stick with the hope of continuing the streak and maintain consistency with the passing game.

The Cowboys have the right weapons to be successful, so why not use what is proven to put you in the best position to win games more than anything else? This is the time for Dallas to get back on track and coast to the playoffs with an ounce of momentum (after beating Washington of course). An improved injury report will help as well.

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