Cowboys go all-in on prominent UDFA with crazy salary offer

Minnesota v Wisconsin
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Everyone was hopeful that the Dallas Cowboys would sign an impactful running back in the undrafted free agent pool. The dust hasn't fully settled on UDFAs signing, but all of the big names are off the board and the Cowboys only signed Missouri's backup rusher Nathaniel Peat.

This wasn't an overly strong RB class, so finding a gem in the undrafted market was always going to be tough sledding. The important thing is the Cowboys once again put together a strong class. They prioritized the linebacker, wide receiver, safety and tight end positions.

Speaking of tight end, fans are raving about Brevyn Spann-Ford. He was arguably the top TE that didn't get drafted and Dallas made sure he didn't slip through their grasp. They gave Spann-Ford a lofty $225,000 salary with a $20,000 signing bonus, per Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News.

Cowboys give undrafted free agent TE Brevyn Spann-Ford huge salary

As Gehlken notes, that salary speaks to both the Cowboys' interest in Spann-Ford and his robust market. Spann-Ford's $245,000 in guaranteed money is among the highest offered to any undrafted free agent. You might recall Dallas going that extra mile after last year's draft to sign fullback Hunter Luepke ($220k) and offensive linemen Earl Bostick Jr. ($240k)

Spann-Ford has a towering frame at 6-6 and 260 pounds. His best season as a receiver came two years ago when he caught 42 passes for 497 yards and two touchdowns for Minnesota.

The former Golden Gopher has a wide catch radius and excellent body control that allow him to make some spectacular grabs. He's more of a security blanket as a receiver than a playmaker, but he's a quarterback's best friend when it comes to creating mismatches and shielding the ball in the red zone.

Where Spann-Ford figures to make his biggest impact, though, is as a run-blocker. He's a soul-snatcher and will bring a bulldog mindset to the rushing attack. He welcomes contact as a blocker and pairs his brute strength with high energy to bulldoze defensive ends and linebackers.

Spann-Ford was one of the best blocking tight ends in the country last season. By drafting Tyler Guyton, Cooper Beebe and Nathan Thomas, it's clear the Cowboys want their run-blocking to improve. Spann-Ford will contribute to the cause and his blocking ceiling gives him an excellent chance of making the roster even though Dallas is relatively deep at tight end.

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