Cowboys fans couldn't stop laughing at Daniel Jones, Giants' MNF implosion

Seattle Seahwaks v New York Giants
Seattle Seahwaks v New York Giants / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

Remember when prominent analysts claimed the NY Giants had "closed the gap" on the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles? Remember when Tiki Barber famously uttered that he would take Daniel Jones over Dak Prescott "100 times out of 100"?

We certainly do.

The Giants were destined for regression after they punched above their weightclass last season. They made the playoffs and upset the Vikings as a wild card team.

This season has been a different story, however, and their blowout loss (at home) against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football showed the entire country just how far away the Giants are from competing with the big dogs.

Making $40 million per year, Daniel Jones tossed his fifth and six interceptions of the season, including an ugly pick-six in the red zone that put the game out of reach. That's tied for the most in the NFL and he also lost a fumble, giving him seven turnovers in four games.

Granted, Jones was sacked 11 times, which further punctuates the Giants' repeated failures this decade to build a functional offensive line.

Cowboys fans were loving the Giants and Daniel Jones' embarrassing performance on MNF

Piggybacking off that last tweet, the Giants have a -61 point differential in two home games this season. Both games were in primetime. Further, New York has only scored five touchdowns in four games. The Dolphins, who they play next week, scored 10 when they hung 70 points on the Broncos in Week 3.

It's all bad in New York right now. The Brian Daboll honeymoon phase is over and there are suddenly questions about GM Joe Schoen's roster construction after he was praised left, right and center in his first year on the job.

More importantly, their $40 million QB is playing like he's worth half of that. Jones doesn't have protection to move the ball downfield, and he's holding the ball too long on occasions where he's flushed out of the pocket.

For the season, Jones is 30th among quarterbacks in EPA per attempt, 28th in pass success rate, 32nd in touchdown rate and 33rd in TD:INT ratio. He's also tied for third with Deshaun Watson in total cash earnings at $46 million.

We're not sure how the Giants recover from this. They're 1-3 and are staring 1-5 in the face with the Dolphins and Bills next on the schedule. Even if they finish with a high draft pick, there's no moving off Jones' contract until after next season.

There's a dark cloud hanging over East Rutherford right now and Cowboys fans are enjoying every second of it. As they should.

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