Bills loss drove Cowboys fans into tailspin based on deranged Micah Parsons idea

Dec 17, 2023; Orchard Park, New York, USA; Buffalo Bills running back James Cook (4) runs the ball
Dec 17, 2023; Orchard Park, New York, USA; Buffalo Bills running back James Cook (4) runs the ball / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys were boat-raced by the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, and thus squandered another opportunity to win a big game on the road.

While the Cowboys have won big road games in recent history, this loss unearthed long-standing concerns with the team and there's nothing to suggest they won't rear their ugly head again down the road. The no-show prompted Micah Parsons to do some soul-searching and he called out the team's road woes after the loss.

With all of that said, the sky isn't falling for the Cowboys. While it might seem like Buffalo exposed Dallas as frauds and that they'll inevitably lose on the road in the playoffs, this is still a 10-4 team that's had multiple big-time moments this season.

Of course, moral victories seldom resonate among Cowboys fans.

Fresh off watching Buffalo completely nullify Dallas' pass rush by running the football, some folks think the team would be better off if it changed Parsons' role. By that we mean take him off the edge and insert him at linebacker.

Cowboys fans maddeningly want Micah Parsons to play linebacker after Bills loss

Couple things. First, the Bills weren't scared of running at Parsons. Yes, Buffalo gashed the Cowboys inside and out in the run game, but Sunday wasn't a matter of taking Parsons out of the game by running away from the pass rusher.

Incredibly, this line of thinking is rampant among the fan base.

Linebacker for the rest of the season?! Alright, that's the last of the tweets before WE enter meltdown mode.

Moving to Parsons at linebacker on Sunday wouldn't have solved the Cowboys' run woes and it won't do anything this week against the Dolphins. The Bills caused problems with their double teams and took advantage of the Dallas' undersized linebackers, all the while Cook showcased outstanding vision, decisiveness and speed to force missed tackles and create chunk plays. It was a recipe for disaster and disaster ensued.

How about one more tweet to really encapsulate how bad the vibes are?

For crying out loud. Listen closely everyone, because we're only going to say this once: Parsons is an EDGE, not a linebacker. He was an All-Pro and runner up for Defensive Rookie of the Year as an EDGE, not a linebacker. He's a negative run defender at linebacker and has the second-highest pass rush win rate in the NFL.

There's a lot wrong with the Cowboys' defense, but folks are asking the team to fix the best thing the D has going for it. The coaching staff isn't taking the best pass rusher in the league out of position so he can't rush the passer.

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