Cowboys fans can't help but laugh at Dan Quinn breaking cardinal rule of drafting

Washington Commanders Introduce Dan Quinn As New Head Coach During Press Conference
Washington Commanders Introduce Dan Quinn As New Head Coach During Press Conference / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages

Dallas Cowboys fans would give just about anything to be spending money like the Washington Commanders. While Dan Quinn's team has oodles of cap space to spend, it says a lot that new ownership is going above and beyond to get better while the Cowboys rest on their laurels after another playoff letdown.

Being among free agency's biggest spenders doesn't always translate to success, however. Quinn's roster needed an influx of talent, but the Commanders future will be decided by which quarterback they select No. 2 overall.

It's widely assumed Caleb Williams is going first overall to the Bears. That leaves Quinn to choose between Heisman Trophy winner Jayden Daniels and UNC phenom Drake Maye. Rumblings have linked Washington with Michigan's J.J. McCarthy, but that could be a pre-draft smokescreen.

It would obviously behoove Quinn and Co. to wear their plans close to the vest, but they might have already leaked their target.

Cowboys fans laugh as Dan Quinn's Commanders draft plans leak

Catching up with reporters at LSU's pro day, Tigers head coach Brian Kelly revealed some telling information about Jayden Daniels.

"Daniels is going to be so committed to taking care of himself that you’re not going to have to worry about size or [if] he doesn’t weigh enough. Lamar [Jackson] has done a pretty good job with his size. [Patrick] Mahomes, I wouldn’t consider him a giant. Because [Daniels] is going to get the ball out to the playmakers and make plays. For Washington.”

Kelly was influential in Daniels' decision to transfer to LSU and coached him the last two seasons. Chances are Kelly knows which team is planning to draft his former quarterback. Kelly's subtle pause before he uttered "for Washington" is what really sticks out.

Regardless of how Kelly came across this info, it's a terrible look for Quinn and the Commanders' new regime that it got out.

Quinn and general manager Adam Peters couldn't even hide their feelings for Daniels at LSU's pro day. They were seen smiling and padding each other on the back while Daniels sat down for an interview with NFL Network.

Could Quinn and Peters be putting on a show to throw teams off the scent? Perhaps, but these appear to be raw emotions.

It's also possible Kelly made an honest mistake. He spent much of LSU's pro day with Quinn, Peters and Washington offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury. Again, though, you can understand why NFL Twitter was set ablaze by Kelly's comments.

It's really hard to envision Quinn's first draft as Commanders head coach going worse. Thanks to Kelly's potential slip-up, Quinn might have lost all of his leverage as holder of the second overall pick.

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