CeeDee Lamb's reaction shows Cowboys WR won't let Richard Sherman's bad takes poison him

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
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Remember in Week 2 when Mike McCarthy schemed easy catches for CeeDee Lamb? The Dallas Cowboys star receiver finished the game with 11 catches for 143 yards. It tied his career-high for catches in a game and it was the third-most yards he's ever posted across four quarters.

In three games since, Lamb hasn't cracked over 60 yards. Granted, his services weren't needed in the Cowboys' 38-3 win over the Patriots in Week 4, but it's not like Dallas' other pass-catchers have been lighting up the box score.

The biggest issue fans have pertaining to Lamb is his lack of targets. He's seen 18 targets over the last three games, which is five more than he saw in Week 2 alone.

Even though Lamb's dip in production can be attributed to McCarthy's play-calling and simplistic scheme, the second-team All-Pro has received harsh criticism from both the local and national media.

No criticism was louder than what FS1's Richard Sherman dished out on "Undisputed" this week, however. Admittedly baited by Skip Bayless, who posed the question, Sherman proclaimed that Lamb is "overrated" if you consider him a "bonafide" WR1.

Cowboys' CeeDee Lamb tweets perfect reaction to Richard Sherman's criticism.

“So you’re saying he’s in a conversation with Justin Jefferson, Tyreek Hill, Davante Adams, Ja’Marr Chase, Stefon Diggs, A.J. Brown, Cooper Kupp, Deebo Samuel, Terry McLaurin and Mike Evans? Then you’re not watching it,” Sherman said.

So, McCarthy neuters Dak Prescott and suddenly Lamb is overrated? The same receiver who was fifth at the position in catches and touchdowns last year, sixth in yards, fifth in first downs and eighth overall in receiving grade, per PFF. That guy?

Lamb eventually caught wind of the criticism and tweeted a perfect reaction.

All Lamb can do is laugh, and we can't blame him. In his first year as the Cowboys' No. 1 WR, he posted 107 catches for 1,359 yards and nine touchdowns. That breakout came after he notched 79 catches and 1,100 yards as the No. 2 behind Amari Cooper two years ago.

And yet, Sherman placed No. 88 into a tier composed of Jaylen Waddle, Garrett Wilson and Tyler Lockett.

Everyone will have their own opinion, but Waddle is very clearly a No. 2 option and benefits from playing opposite Tyreek Hill and in Mike McDaniel's high-octane offense. Wilson has No. 1 potential, but is unproven in that regard as a second-year player. Lockett is perennially underrated, but isn't as dynamic as Lamb.

We hate to pit great players against each other, but that's the result when analysts are critical of players and place them into tiers. Sherman is entitled to his opinion, but he'll have to try harder to faze the Cowboys star.

Sherman poked the bear and we're now expecting a vintage Lamb performance Monday night against the LA Chargers.

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