Cowboys 7-round mock draft: Dak Prescott traded and rebuild begins

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
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The 2024 NFL draft is knocking on the door and the Dallas Cowboys are on the verge of executing their most important offseason battle plan. After largely opting out of free agency again this year, it’s “draft picks or bust” in Dallas. There are a ton of holes to fill and only a limited number of picks available to fill those holes. Nailing the draft is a must.

Unfortunately, there’s an unresolved contract situation hanging over their heads as well. Dak Prescott is entering the last year on his deal and per the language of said deal he cannot be franchise tagged in 2025. It means he’s free to test the waters of free agency in 11 months and unless he’s extended before the upcoming season, it makes enormous financial success to do so.

The Cowboys could be just dragging this out until training camp and have no intention of letting Prescott walk. But they could also be looking for ways to pinch pennies and what better way to save money than not pay a quarterback $60 million per year.

Let’s be clear: under no circumstances is trading Prescott the smart way for the Cowboys to get back in the win column. He’s the 2023 runner up for NFL MVP and likely the best quarterback this franchise will see for the next decade plus.

But the Cowboys handle things their own way and sometimes their top objectives don’t always align with fans’ top objectives. It’s a business in Dallas and the Cowboys have proven over the last 30 years marketing success does not require on field accomplishments.

As such, cash spending is often kept low so revenues can remain high. The salary cap is massaged in a way to make it seem like the front office’s hands are completely tied in the matter, but most will agree they are exactly where they want to be.

With this understood, the Cowboys see a way to cash in on Prescott’s big season and flip him for picks. They cut the QB salary off the books and roll into the 2024 season with Trey Lance as QB1. Prescott has a no trade clause in his contract but it's something he could waive if the money if right from his would-be suiter.

In this mock draft we use familiar scouting sites like The Athletic, NFL Draft Buzz, PFF and more. We also run simulations through a mock draft simulator to get honest results. Outlier situations are tossed so some form of realism may prevail.