Colin Cowherd's preseason take on Dak Prescott, Eagles has aged horribly

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys will always have non-believers, even in their own fan base. When you examine the media landscape, though, the naysayers multiply. Coming into the 2023 season, very few media members were bullish on the Cowboys and Dak Prescott after he led the league in interceptions last year.

Fox Sports' Nick Wright springs to mind, but you'd be hard-pressed to name more than a handful of talking heads who spoke highly of the Cowboys and Prescott. The minimizing started back in May when Dallas' 2023 schedule was released.

Several pundits had the Cowboys to miss the playoffs. In retrospect, Colin Cowherd's prediction might be the worst of the bunch.

In breaking down the schedule, Cowherd proclaimed that Dallas had the best quarterback in just eight of their 17 games: the Giants (twice), Arizona (though Cowherd imitated he'd take Kyler Murray if he was healthy), the Patriots, 49ers, Panthers, Commanders (twice), and Seahawks.

Cowherd further belittled the Cowboys by saying they aren't "nearly as good" as the Eagles on any offensive or defensive unit. The FS1 personality should take up stand-up comedy because we haven't stopped laughing.

Colin Cowherd's preseason take on Dak Prescott, Eagles will make Cowboys fans laugh

Let's review the film. Cowherd got on his soapbox and said he'd take Aaron Rodgers, Justin Herbert, Matthew Stafford, Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen, Jared Goff -- Cowherd paused to state Goff "is better than Dak" seemingly aware it would get a rise out of Cowboys fans -- and Tua Tagovailoa all over Prescott.

Prescott's had a better season than all of those quarterbacks.

What makes Cowherd's take even more egregious is that only Stafford and Allen had comparable seasons to Prescott. Allen might get the second-team All-Pro spot over Dak because he led the NFL in passing yards and total touchdowns, but Prescott's had statistically the superior season in every way.

We're not going to compare Prescott and Allen's stats, but let's highlight where the former ranks among QBs as far as the be-all, end-all stats. Dak was first in passing TDs and big-time throws, as well as second in EPA per play, passer rating, completion rate, QBR, success rate and PFF grade, and third in passing yards.

Only one quarterback in the NFL was better than Prescott this year (Lamar Jackson) and he wasn't even on the Cowboys schedule. It's arguable that Prescott had the better passing season relative to Jackson, but we digress.

Like so many misinformed analysts, Cowherd took too much stock in 2022, which was clearly an outlier season for both Prescott and the Eagles. He wanted to be the first to predict Dallas' downfall and it blew up in his face.

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