New angle shows Dak Prescott make throw of the year with Dexter Lawrence in his face

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

Is there a quarterback in the NFL playing better than Dak Prescott right now? You'd be hard-pressed to name just one gunslinger that fits the criteria. The Dallas Cowboys starter has been on a heater for over a month and it continued against the New York Giants on Sunday.

For the game, Prescott completed 26-of-35 passes for 404 yards and four touchdowns to one interception. He posted a 97.2 QBR and 138.3 passer rating and added a fifth touchdown with his legs late in the second quarter.

While the Cowboys were playing against arguably the worst team in the league, that takes nothing away from Dak's performance. He sprinkled dimes all over the Giants secondary and continued extending plays with his legs.

With so many mouthwatering throws to keep track of, one particular toss got lost in the shuffle when Prescott fired a strike to Brandin Cooks over 30 yards downfield. Prescott stepped into the throw knowing Dexter Lawrence was breathing down his neck.

Dak took a monster hit from the Giants' star defender and yet the throw was inch-perfect. This angle underlines how impressive it was.

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott made the throw of the year against the Giants

Call us a prisoner of the moment all you want, but this might be the best throw of Prescott's career given the sheer difficulty.

He's undoubtedly made big-time throws against better opponents and in high-leverage situations (including the playoffs), but given the pressure, hit (which he couldn't brace himself for), and ball placement, this is right up there with some of Prescott's best ever throws. It defies logic in every way.

Simply put, if Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen or even Joe Burrow made this throw, NFL Twitter would have lost its collective mind. You know it's true.

Here's another angle of the toss. You can see Prescott leave his feet from the sheer impact of Lawrence's hit, which was clean. The two-time Pro Bowler couldn't even plant his feet and execute a full throwing motion and he still hit Cooks in stride nearly 40 yards downfield.

It gets better every time.

Prescott has made multiple high-level throws this season. His scramble and throw on the run to CeeDee Lamb while drifting toward the sideline against the Eagles last week and missile of a touchdown to Jake Ferguson against the Rams in Week 8 both spring to mind, but he wasn't swallowed by a 340-pound defensive lineman on either one.

If the NFL had an award for throw of the year, this would be fully deserving of being a finalist. No doubt about it.

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