CeeDee Lamb seems to shade Kellen Moore for disrespecting Cowboys playmaker

CeeDee Lamb made it sound like Kellen Moore restricted the Cowboys offense last year.
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The Dallas Cowboys offense will look much different in 2023. Not only was the unit's former centerpiece released, but Mike McCarthy replaces Kellen Moore as offensive coordinator.

The decision to fire Moore received mixed reviews. Some of that's due to McCarthy's polarizing status among the media, while some is attributed to Moore being regarded as one of the NFL's brightest offensive minds.

While the Cowboys offense enjoyed sustained success under Moore's guidance, it also endured protracted stretches of being stuck in the mud. His situational play-calling and stubbornness as far as making in-game adjustments left a lot to be desired, so a number of fans weren't exactly heartbroken to learn of his dismissal.

Another apparent weakness of Moore? Not getting more playmakers on the field ... during a time when the Cowboys offense needed exactly that.

Check out CeeDee Lamb's reaction to a question from 105.3 The Fan about why fan favorite KaVontae Turpin wasn't utilized on offense.

CeeDee Lamb hints Kellen Moore restricted the Cowboys offense last season.

That reaction says it all, folks.

While Lamb didn't outright throw Moore under the bus -- he made sure to make that clear -- he didn't exactly scoff at the question, either. It's almost as if Lamb communicated that Moore prevented Turpin from getting looks on offense by not answering and staring right at one of the co-hosts.

You know the old saying "a picture says a thousand words"? Fast forward to the 40-second mark in the video and try telling us it doesn't apply.

Of course, there's a number of factors that could explain why Turpin was restricted to special teams. He wasn't signed until the start of training camp, so he didn't have OTAs and minicamp to get a grasp of the playbook.

Then again, couldn't Moore have simply scripted a package of plays just to get Turpin's speed and explosiveness on the field? Surely that's within the purview of one of the five-best offensive coordinators in the NFL, no?

A full participant in the offseason program this year, Turpin is already turning heads at camp for his performance as a wide receiver. Perhaps the Pro Bowl return specialist is more comfortable running routes in year two?

Or do Mike McCarthy and newly-minted OC Brian Schottenheimer recognize Turpin's skillset and foresee a role for him as a gadget receiver?

Regardless, it's clear Lamb couldn't wrap his mind around Turpin riding the bench on offense. Can you really blame him?

Outside of No. 88, the Cowboys got very little production out of the WR position last season. Nobody's saying Turpin should've been a three-down player, but the fact he received two targets all year is criminal when you considered how short-handed the offense was.

For context, Noah Brown finished as the second-leading receiver in terms of targets (74), catches (43) and receiving yards (555). A second-team All-Pro, Lamb more than doubled Brown's output in all three categories.

And yet, Turpin didn't get a sniff on offense.

Hopefully that changes in 2023, but it's pretty clear Lamb didn't see eye-to-eye with the Cowboys former offensive coordinator.

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