CeeDee Lamb perfectly fires back at petty criticism from former Cowboys WR

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The spotlight is shining directly on CeeDee Lamb ahead of the Dallas Cowboys' 2024 season. Lamb is due for a contract extension after a career year all while the wide receiver market continues to grow at an exponential rate.

Dak Prescott also being due for a new contract has only muddied the waters more for the Cowboys. There is no denying Lamb is an elite wide receiver who deserves to be paid like one yet this process continues to take much longer than Cowboys fans are comfortable with.

Not everyone seems to think Lamb is worth elite wide receiver money, though. In fact, a former Cowboys WR is not shying away from critiquing the former first-round pick. Cole Beasley openly critiqued Lamb's offseason workouts and then doubled down by saying he could have a 1,000-yard season off the couch if he had the benefit of 180 targets — which Lamb had.

All of this prompted Lamb to fire back at his former teammate.

Cole Beasley adds unnecessary drama while CeeDee Lamb works out Cowboys contract

The last thing Lamb — and the Cowboys, for that matter — needs right now is unnecessary drama, especially from someone who understands the expectations attached to playing in Dallas. Lamb is simply working on his game to continue improving this offseason while Beasley cannot even land an NFL roster spot.

Downplaying Lamb's accomplishments by using the number of targets he received is nothing but petty from Beasley. Obviously a No. 1 receiver is going to benefit from their target share in the offense but that is far from the reason why Lamb is a productive wide receiver.

Plus, if Beasley could really go out and do the things he says he can do then he would be on an NFL roster right now. Beasley has not played an NFL game since the 2022 season, where he finished with six catches for 35 yards in four games.

In fact, Beasley has never even eclipsed 1,000 yards in a single season. He had a solid NFL career but he was never the guy like Lamb has been in Dallas for several years. To try and bring down someone who is the guy, when you have never been the guy yourself, is petty.

Alas, Beasley's opinion means absolutely nothing when it comes to Lamb and his contract discussions with the Cowboys. This is simply an annoying distraction from someone who is not even in the league.