CeeDee Lamb makes Cowboys extension talks even murkier with bold exclamation

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One of the biggest storylines surrounding the Dallas Cowboys heading into the 2024 season is the upcoming contract extensions for CeeDee Lamb and Dak Prescott. Both the wide receiver and quarterback market have grown exponentially, which will force Dallas to spend big on the team's franchise cornerstones.

The hope for many is that Dallas can get a deal done for both players before the start of the 2024 season. After such a disappointing end to the 2023 season, the last thing the Cowboys need is distractions. Lamb and Prescott not getting their deals certainly would provide just that.

All Cowboys fans want about the situation is clarity and unfortunately, they are not going to get that from Lamb. Lamb (understandably) shut down the prospect of fans getting information about his contract situation during his youth football camps in July.

CeeDee Lamb shut down Cowboys contract questions before they even begin

Lamb's upcoming contract extension is a massive story but you cannot blame him whatsoever for shutting these questions down before they can begin. As Lamb said so perfectly himself, these camps are for the kids and are not for any potential scoops about his contract situation.

Plus, there isn't really much information media can obtain from these camps, anyway. Everyone in the football world knows Lamb is due for a new contract and is going to want to be paid among the best wide receivers in the sport. He does not need to sit in front of the media and say that, nor does he need to put pressure on the Cowboys.

All of the Cowboys' pressure should come internally. Lamb is one of the best receivers in the league and the team cannot afford to let him even test free agency. If Dallas does disrespect Lamb and allow that to happen then he will be good as gone.

And who knows how that may impact the contract discussions with Prescott. If his No. 1 target is leaving after the 2024 season then he may also be inclined to leave. Suddenly, Dallas goes from being a premier team in the NFC to instantly being part of a rebuild.

Jerry Jones is not going to allow that to happen so it feels safe to say that Lamb (and subsequently Prescott) will end up getting paid. It feels like it is just a matter of if, not when, these deals happen.

So let's focus on the kids Lamb is helping, shall we?