Bill Belichick replacing Mike McCarthy just became much more realistic

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The Dallas Cowboys sent shockwaves around the NFL when they chose to retain Mike McCarthy as head coach.

The shockwaves weren't as seismic as the Cowboys' blowout loss to the Packers in the first round of the playoffs, but nothing could top that. And the sheer embarrassment that loss caused the franchise led everyone to believe McCarthy would be handed his walking papers.

Ultimately, Jerry Jones didn't want to hit the reset button entering such a pivotal offseason. That doesn't explain why he opted not to extend McCarthy, but that's the thing with Jones: You have to expect the unexpected.

Beyond the utter humiliation was the fact that Jones could've hired longtime friend Bill Belichick, who has great respect for Dallas' owner. Incredibly, Belichick didn't land a coaching job during the hiring cycle after he and the Patriots mutually agreed to part ways after a 24-year marriage.

Many folks pointed to Belichick wanting too much influence in personnel decisions as the main reason he went unhired. However, recent comments made from Falcons owner Arthur Blank indicate Belichick was a lot more lenient and collaborative than what was led on.

Bill Belichick replacing Mike McCarthy as Cowboys head coach just became a lot more realistic

"All the issues and questions about Bill relative to power structure were completely unfounded and untrue and based on nothing. All of my discussions with him, he was nothing but collaborative, inclusive, anxious to work with personnel and scouting alongside him. He did his referencing on our organization and felt very comfortable working with them. It really had nothing to do with any of that."

Arthur Blank

That changes a lot. Even though Jerry Jones left no doubt after the season that he and Belichick could work together, it's easy to see how it would create a funky dynamic. Jones has the final say in all Cowboys personnel decisions, while Belichick served as the Patriots de facto GM for all of his 24 years in New England.

Belichick coming in and wanting near-full control of an organization would cause significant turnover in the front office. Folks would either leave or get squeezed out. Even though the Cowboys haven't been to an NFC Championship in 27 years, why would they cause such upheaval for a coach who turns 72 in April?

If Belichick is willing to convert to the Cowboys structure, though, the Joneses will absolutely give him a long look about replacing McCarthy if it comes to that. They will have competition, however, as NFL Network's Tom Pelissero recently reported that "multiple owners reached out to Belichick about next year's hiring cycle."

This is all contingent on McCarthy and the Cowboys falling short their ultimate goal next season, but it's hard to deny that the odds of Belichick becoming Dallas' next head coach increased dramatically following Blank's revelation.

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