Bill Belichick-Cowboys memes erupt as Mike McCarhy collapses vs Packers

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The Dallas Cowboys are getting dog-walked by the Green Bay Packers. At home in the playoffs. Fielding a largely-healthy roster. As touchdown favorites. After being gifted the No. 2 seed on a silver platter in the regular season finale. Is that Bill Belichick's music?

Everyone watching understands Mike McCarthy is coaching for his job in the second half. Reports have foreshadowed that the Cowboys would consider alternative options if the team suffered a premature exit in the playoffs.

Barring a historic comeback, the Cowboys will come four wins short of the Super Bowl after countless pundits picked them to appear in the NFC Championship Game.

Multiple insiders have mentioned Bill Belichick as a candidate to succeed McCarthy as head coach, and social media wasted no time getting that campaign started as Dallas dug itself a 27-7 halftime deficit.

Bill Belichick-Cowboys memes erupt as Mike McCarthy collapses vs Packers

Belichick might already have Jerry Jones on speed dial.

Belichick has long needed a wardrobe update. The six-time champ would look pretty good in a Cowboys hoodie, would he not?

Forget speed dial. Belichick is catching a red-eye to Arlington. Flying into AT&T Stadium midgame would send quite the message to Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys might actually stand a chance if this happened.

In all seriousness, Dallas needs a coach with Belichick's pedigree. The team looks undisciplined and overwhelmed far too often for a team with myriad All-Pros and Pro Bowlers. The players should shoulder some of the blame for that, but penalties and a lack of composure have marred McCarthy's time with the Cowboys even despite all of the regular season success and three straight trips to the playoffs.

If the Cowboys don't pull off a miracle in the second half, the calls for Belichick to replace McCarthy will be deafening. Heck, Jerry Jones might already be scheduling a meeting with the now-available coaching legend.

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