Bart Scott shows true colors poking fun at Trevon Diggs' injury, forgetting Micah Parsons' name

The ESPN analyst and former Jets LB needs to look himself in the mirror.
Carolina Panthers v New York Jets
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If the Dallas Cowboys haven't silenced their critics after beating the Giants and Jets by a combined score of 70-10, they may never will. Some skeptics and fans will want to see how Dallas stacks up against better competition before declaring them elite, but the first two weeks have proven this team is for real.

That didn't stop a wave of NFL experts from picking the Gians to win in Week 1. The narrative changed dramatically entering Week 2 after the 40-0 beatdown and Aaron Rodgers' injury, but the Cowboys will never turn all of their haters.

That's just not how the cookie crumbles. Even after beating the Jets 30-10, national radio hosts scoured social media to discredit the win.

No analyst should have more shame than ESPN radio host and former Jets linebacker Bart Scott, however, after he predicted the Jets would rush for 200 yards against the Cowboys ... and forgot Micah (Michael???) Parsons' name.

Patrik Walker of had the receipts ready.

Former Jets LB Bart Scott forgets Micah Parsons name, jokes about Trevon Diggs' season-ending injury.

Two-hundred yards, you say? In fairness to Scott, he wasn't the only talking head to proclaim the Cowboys would struggle to stop the Jets run game. That was the only recipe for success for New York, and Dan Quinn's unit didn't give an inch. No Jet running back had more than nine (!) rushing yards.

Breece Hall, Dalvin Cook and Michael Carter combined for 24 yards on 2.7 YPC. Zach Wilson led the way with 35 rushing yards, but all of those came on scrambles. Even when Wilson found success with his legs, Dallas held strong for a field goal.

Scott's prediction was almost 180 yards away from coming to fruition. Even more shameful, though, is that he referred to Micah Parsons as "Michael Parsons." The former linebacker was adamant the Jets should have ran at the Defensive Player of the Year frontrunner, implying he's not a strong run defender.

Sure enough, Patrik Walker of uploaded a highlight where Parsons breezed past Alijah Vera-Tucker, arguably the best player on the Jets' offensive line, and blew up a running play at the line of scrimmage.

How does Scott recover from this? We're not sure. Maybe give the Cowboys their due respect and remember player's names, especially arguably the most recognized player in the NFL this side of Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers.

The better question would be how does Scott recover from this.

Just look at the disappointment in Ryan Clark's face. More importantly, look at Scott's smug grin just after he says "Something bad always happens (in Dallas)." Even noted Cowboys troll Stephen A. Smith was sickened by Scott's comment.

Joking about a player suffering a season-ending injury is insensitive and disgusting and multiple Cowboys players flamed Scott on social media after catching wind of the clip, including Parsons, Jayron Kearse and Malik Hooker.

Credit to Clark and Stephen A. for shutting this garbage down on arrival, and good on Parsons, Kearse and Hooker for coming to Diggs' defense.

As for Scott, what else is there to say? He used a crushing moment in a player's career to crack a joke that fell on deaf ears. It doesn't get much worse than that from an on-air personality, let alone a former player who understands (or so we thought) the violent and unforgiving nature of the NFL.

ESPN should probably intervene with some form of discipline (or statement condoning Scott's words), but we all know that's a pipe dream.

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