Adam Schefter stirs up Dak Prescott drama with bold Cowboys prediction

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This Dallas Cowboys offseason can be compared to a boomerang. One day, a report leaks that CeeDee Lamb will stage a holdout until he gets a contract extension. The next, a marquee pass rusher inks a lucrative deal to drive up Micah Parsons' price tag. And as sure as the day is long, there will be new "intel" on Dak Prescott's contract saga sprinkled in along the way.

The last we heard on Prescott is that the Cowboys "cleared the path" for Prescott to hit free agency after the 2024 season. Multiple reports have since rebuffed that, claiming that both sides want to get a deal done but that it's not a pressurized situation at this point.

The explosive report could also be Jerry Jones' attempt to negotiate through the media to win back some leverage, but that's neither here nor there. At the end of the day, there's a reason Cowboys fans are on edge about Prescott's current situation.

Getting back to the boomerang analogy, ESPN insiderAdam Schefter poured gasoline on the Prescott fire with a prediction he made on "NFL Live."

Adam Schefter thinks the Cowboys could take a quarterback in 2024 NFL Draft

"What are they going to do at quarterback if they lose Dak? That's interesting. And that's why I think the Cowboys might be a sleeper team in the quarterback market during the draft. Because at some point in time, they might have to draft a quarterback. Higher than you think, because Dak is going into the last year of the contract, and it might be time to get someone in there to start grooming him."

It seems Schefter was just spit-balling. This wasn't a concrete report, so Cowboys fans can at least hold onto that. More importantly, nothing about the pre-draft process suggests Dallas is interested in a quarterback. They didn't meet with a single QB at the combine nor did they host a QB as a 30 visit at The Star.

The Cowboys could just be covering their tracks, but it's been an extreme rarity under this regime that they draft players they don't meet with before the showcase.

Drafting a QB would also set the Trey Lance trade on fire. Knowing how stubborn (and cheap) the Joneses are, it's hard to believe they'd spend another pick on a quarterback -- let alone a high one as Schefter said -- when they're without a fourth-round pick this year because of the Lance trade. Lance is supposed to be Dallas' ace in the hole in the event Prescott leaves.

It's equally difficult to believe that Prescott is allowed to leave. Not only would it put the Cowboys back in QB purgatory, but Prescott would count $40.4 million against the salary cap if he's unsigned by March 12, 2025.

It's not as simple as "Dak is going into the last year of his contract." Dallas has too many holes to plug in the draft to waste a pick on a quarterback. Maybe Schefter ends up being right, but this feels like a dart-throw on the insider's part more than anything. The dots don't connect whatsoever.

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