7 teams that can steal Dan Quinn away from the Cowboys in 2024

Teams could be lined up to steal Dan Quinn in 2024
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It's felt like Dan Quinn could be in his "last year' with the Dallas Cowboys basically ever since he got to the team in 2021, but the Cowboys have been able to keep Quinn around and he has been one of the team's greatest assets over the last three seasons.

Of course, the Cowboys have their sights set higher than just being a "good" team, but Quinn has really been key in turning around a defense that so desperately needed exactly what he brought to the table.

Not only has Dan Quinn been an outstanding defensive coordinator in terms of the overall chess match that is an NFL game, but he's been tremendous when it comes to growing other coaches on the defensive staff as well as player development. The Cowboys have done so well at maximizing talent on the defensive side of the ball, and Dan Quinn's coaching is a big reason for that.

Quinn's lengthy experience as a defensive play caller as well as a head coach who took the Atlanta Falcons to the Super Bowl once upon a time will certainly play into his favor. He's turned down teams in recent years, but there are expected to potentially be 10-plus vacancies around the league this offseason.

Is Quinn going to finally get an offer he can't refuse to coach another team? Will he leave Dallas in 2024? Let's look at a whopping seven teams that could try to steal him away from the Cowboys in the next month or so.

1. Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers are the most recent NFL team to create a head coaching vacancy. The Chargers fired head coach Brandon Staley after his team was beat 63-21 on Thursday night against the Las Vegas Raiders, who have an interim head coach (Antonio Pierce) and backup quarterback (Aidan O'Connell) in place.

The Chargers are going to be an intriguing team to watch all offseason as they begin their search for a new head coach. I think, personally, the Chargers job is one of the most overrated in the NFL, but the reason it's overrated is because of the presence of Justin Herbert. That's not to say that Herbert himself is overrated, or a bad player, but the rest of what the Chargers have to offer leaves a lot to be desired.

Frankly, they need a coach like Dan Quinn to come in and turn things around.