7 realistic free agents Cowboys could sign in 2024

What free agents could be realistic fits for the Dallas Cowboys in 2024?

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2. Josh Jacobs, RB

Could we see the Dallas Cowboys let go of Tony Pollard this offseason and favor a more proven every-down back?

I think we saw this past year, even giving him grace as he made his way back from injury, that the featured role in an offense is not for Tony Pollard. He needs to be in a tandem backfield. Will that be in Dallas moving forward? I'm not sure, but the Cowboys need a bell-cow running back, someone who can take on a full workload and carry the running game.

This was not a good running offense in 2023, and someone like Josh Jacobs could sign on a multi-year deal and help the Cowboys out with a lower year one salary cap hit. He's a former All-Pro with size and someone who can help you convert in the red zone and close out games.

3. Saquon Barkley, RB

Some people might view this as unrealistic, but I think there is really a misconception out there about the value of the running back position. Barkley's projected market value according to Spotrac is $9.9 million average annual value. Let's round that up to $10 million per year and say the Cowboys could get Barkley on a four-year deal worth $40 million in total money.

You're talking about adding a player who will eat 225-300 touches per season making $10 million a year on average. Not only could the Cowboys get a low year one cap hit by spreading that deal out over four seasons, but they could also steal a player from a division rival at a major area of need.