7 free-agent moves from NFC East rivals that Cowboys fans can laugh at

The Cowboys may be quiet, but at least they're not making these moves.
Washington Commanders Introduce Dan Quinn As New Head Coach During Press Conference
Washington Commanders Introduce Dan Quinn As New Head Coach During Press Conference / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages
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6. Giants letting RB Saquon Barkley walk to the Eagles

The New York Giants had to know that letting Saquon Barkley walk in free agency would result in something like this, right?

Maybe the idea of Barkley coming to Dallas was far-fetched, but this guy played his college ball at Penn State. He was wildly embraced while a member of that program, so the connection to Pennsylvania/Philadelphia was obvious. Not to mention, Eagles GM Howie Roseman is the type of guy who finds a way to get what he wants in free agency.

Now, the Giants will have to face Barkley twice a year, with a chip on his shoulder. Yikes.

7. Commanders trading QB Sam Howell to the Seahawks

The Washington Commanders may have downgraded their QB2 situation while increasing the cost of the player. Maybe Washington was "doing right" by Sam Howell to trade him to the Seattle Seahawks, but the Commanders sold low on Howell just because they're about to draft a QB.

That's not really good business.

Howell was thrown to the wolves last year with Eric Bieniemy basically telling him to do the passing equivalent of Spongebob's "floor it" every single week. Howell is a talented player who showed glimpses of being a consistent starter last year. But we all know the Commanders are taking a QB, so they have to get rid of Howell, right?

Well, not really. What if Howell ends up being a better option than this young player coming in? They seemingly traded him just for the sake of doing it, and signed Marcus Mariota just for the sake of doing it. This was a foolish move.

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