6 star players the Cowboys could have drafted in the past 5 years

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders
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1. Terry McLaurin, WR: Pick 76 2019 NFL Draft (Cowboys took Trysten Hill at pick 58)

Back to the 2019 NFL Draft, we see another whiff for the Cowboys. Not only did they pick the wrong defensive tackle when they selected Trysten Hill, but they could have landed a stud wideout with the selection. Actually, there were several receivers who ended up being stars but arguably the most frustrating player they passed on is Terry McLaurin.

An Ohio State product, McLaurin landed with the Washington Commanders and has developed into one of the better route-runners in the NFL. As a rookie, McLaurin had 919 yards and since then, he's never missed the 1,000-yard mark.

McLaurin now has 299 career receptions for 4,281 yards with 21 touchdowns — and that's without a franchise quarterback throwing him the ball. As was the case with Nick Bolton, Dallas might not have been considering a receiver due to what they did with the prior selection.

While they didn't have a pick in Round 1, they used that selection to land Amari Cooper who was their No. 1 wideout. The selection proved worth it (even if they foolishly traded him for nothing) but there was room for McLaurin still — plus, it would have kept him from landing in the NFC East.

As if that wasn't enough, they also could have had D.K. Metcalf who went 64th to Seattle, or Diontae Johnson who was the 66th pick courtesy of Pittsburgh.

The one solace could be that selecting any of these wideouts might have led to the Cowboys skipping on CeeDee Lamb in 2020 but if they didn't, it would be quite the offense to have paired McLaurin, Metcalf, or Johnson with Lamb.

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