5 trade targets that would make Cowboys Super Bowl contenders

Which trade targets would make the Cowboys Super Bowl contenders in 2024?

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys
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How can the Dallas Cowboys truly become Super Bowl contenders in 2024 after falling short yet again this past season? The Cowboys have assembled a really strong roster on both sides of the ball. If an extension (and possibly a historic one) can get done with quarterback Dak Prescott, this team could have tons of financial flexibility to make aggressive moves in free agency and via trades.

But what trades realistically make sense to make this Cowboys team better?

The Cowboys made trades for players like Brandin Cooks and Stephon Gilmore last offseason. Will they get that bold again in 2024? Bolder yet?

This year's free agency crop might be better overall than the NFL trade market, but you never know which players could come available in trades and if the Cowboys might consider making a deal at the right price. These types of moves could vault the team into true contender status.

1. Trade for Bills WR Stefon Diggs

Any trade involving Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs would essentially require a restructuring of his contract before the deal is consummated. He would account for over $31 million in dead money for Buffalo if they traded him without redoing anything on his deal, which means that any trade is incredibly unlikely unless Diggs is willing to play ball on his contract.

But even though the idea of a reunion with Mike Zimmer (his old coach in Minnesota) may not be overly appealing, what lengths might Stefon Diggs go to in order to be able to play with his brother Trevon, the star corner for the Cowboys who is coming off of a season-ending injury last year?

The Cowboys would likely have to pay a premium to get Diggs out of Buffalo, possibly as high as a second-round pick and then some, and that's a high price because Diggs will be 31 this season. But there have been some rumblings about friction between Diggs and the Bills, so you never know. In a vacuum, this type of move would certainly send Super Bowl shockwaves through Dallas.