5 things the Cowboys must do to get back into contention after playoff failure

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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3. Changing the defense

Alright lets just ask, is this defense really that good? This unit, just as Dallas as a team does, tends to fold in the games that matter. It seems like if this defense does not get turnovers or the timely sacks when they need them, they cannot do the little things to "contain" an opponent. When your defense is soft you can hope that they at least slow down an opponent. Dallas however, in those tough matchups, are easily exposed.

Their star player himself, Micah Parsons has trouble making an impact as well at times. Reports have been circling of Parsons going back to play line-backer full time instead of edge rusher. The hope was that more pressure would get sent with moving him toe EDGE, which it has at times. But, he gets held 9/10 times so putting him back one level could eliminate this and Parsons can dominate again.

This defense might lose a handful of solid contributors as well, so this unit will more than likely look different going into next season. Coordinator Dan Quinn will still be in the booth if not hired for a head coaching job elsewhere. But this defense has a lot of tweaking to do, no matter whose calling schemes.