5 things the Cowboys must do to get back into contention after playoff failure

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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2. Have to be consistent on the road

The Cowboys were unbeaten at home last season (until the Wild Card loss) and almost even the year before. They love playing in front of their home crowd and they thrive at AT&T Stadium most Sundays. However, it is well known that how your team plays in the road proves their real caliber of your team.

Last year Dallas played poorly on the road (3-5) with two of the three losses coming in games where they were looking to prove something (Bills in week 15, Dolphins in week 16). Their wins were against poor teams such as the Giants, Commanders and Panthers, so the three wins do not prove much. The Cowboys will need to improve their road game consistency and perform at a high level when they only have each other.

Of course Cowboys fans travel well and most road games the Cowboys are playing in front of a good amount of believers, but not like they are in Jerry World, where 90,000 worth of fans are behind them. On the road they must dig deeper and hope that winning for each other is enough validation to want to win games.

They say defenses win championships right? They should say championships are won on the road, that sounds better.