5 things Cowboys must do to make the Super Bowl

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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1. Give Dak Prescott every opportunity to succeed

We've already talked about the Cowboys' offensive line and adding a pass-blocking running back, but that isn't the only area where this coaching staff will be able to give Prescott the ability to succeed. They are going to need to make sure that whoever that third receiver is they have the ability to get off the line and create separation.

We know that CeeDee Lamb and Brandin Cooks will be able to do it but having that third receiver would give Prescott more confidence in letting the football go and fans will be able to see that Prescott's interception woes were more based on the passing game scheme and routes over his quarterback play.

If Dallas determines early on in camp that Michael Gallup and Jalen Tolbert aren't those guys, they need to go out and get him a receiver with separation ability. Just like the running backs in this draft, receivers were also taken a high clip which means that teams will be looking to move receivers they don't believe fit their scheme.

Dallas hasn't been afraid to trade away late-round picks or swap players in order to get help at a position of need and they shouldn't be afraid to do it now if they truly believe in Prescott.

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