5 possible Mike McCarthy replacements for Cowboys if disaster strikes

Rumors are swirling that Mike McCarthy could be in danger and if the Dallas Cowboys move on, here are five possible replacements
Dallas Cowboys
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2. Aaron Glenn, Detroit Lions defensive coordinator

We stick with the Detroit Lions and this time, highlight their defensive coordinator. While their defense overall hasn't been great, Aaron Glenn has earned the respect of players around the league. He was even voted as the No. 1 defensive coordinator to play for in an NFLPA poll.

J.C. Tretter, the NFLPA president, stated he hoped this would help owners look for coaches who aren't just great football minds but also great leaders. Glenn falls into each category and has ties back to Dallas.

Glenn had a 15-year NFL career which began with the New York Jets from 1994 through 2001. Despite being just 5-9 and 185 pounds, he made two Pro Bowls during that time. He then joined the Houston Texans in 2022 and played there for three years making another trip to the Pro Bowl. In 2005, he was reunited with Bill Parcells in Dallas.

During his two-year stint with the Cowboys, Glenn proved to be a veteran leader. He was 33 when he first signed and suited up for all 32 games with eight starts. He had 20 pass defenses and five interceptions, proving to be a savvy player despite being in his mid-30s.

Glenn played two more years after leaving Dallas and has been in the coaching ranks since 2014. He's spent the past two years with the Lions as their defensive coordinator and should be a coach before long.