5 players the Cowboys could sign to complete roster after Week 1 statement

Where can the Dallas Cowboys add to the roster after Week 1?
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4. Kyle Van Noy, linebacker

Dan Quinn always knows what to do with versatile linebackers, and Kyle Van Noy seems to have a knack for being part of really good teams in the NFL.

Van Noy has been part of seven playoff teams throughout his NFL career including a playoff team in Detroit in 2014. He played a versatile role last year for Brandon Staley and the Chargers and the Dallas Cowboys happen to be pretty thin at the inside linebacker spot right now.

Van Noy is a smart player who can play in coverage, rush the passer, and make plays behind the line of scrimmage. It's a bit of a surprise nobody has signed him up to this point.

5. Robbie Gould, kicker

You certainly don't want to mess with a kicker's mind at any point in the season, but even with Brandon Aubrey making 6-of-7 kicks against the Giants, the missed extra point probably caused some not-wanted deja vu for Cowboys fans.

I'm not saying to replace Aubrey at this point, but if kicking issues become a thing for Dallas this season, they might need to turn to the veteran option Robbie Gould. Gould doesn't have much distance these days compared to some other younger kickers, but he's still accurate inside of 50 and has only missed four extra points over the last three seasons.


If Aubrey misses another kick in Week 2, maybe you sign Robbie Gould to the practice squad and at least keep your options open.

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