5 players the Cowboys could sign to complete roster after Week 1 statement

Where can the Dallas Cowboys add to the roster after Week 1?
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2. OJ Howard, tight end

In keeping with the tight end theme, I love the idea of adding OJ Howard for a variety of reasons. This is a former first-round pick who was averaging 15 yards per reception over the course of his first three NFL seasons. Injuries caught up to the former Alabama star, but Howard still seems to have more to offer teams. Last year for the Texans, he caught just 10 passes but they went for 145 yards and two touchdowns.

I like the idea of reclamation projects, and I like the idea of a team like the Cowboys getting former first-round picks in the building. When you put talented players on really good teams, you often will see them maximize that talent. It doesn't happen 100 percent of the time, of course, but with a team like Dallas, I'm taking a shot on the speed and playmaking ability of OJ Howard, even if his contributions are few and far between.

3. Leonard Fournette, running back

It might just be worth a call at this point to see what Leonard Fournette is up to and what he's willing to sign for to play for the Cowboys. I know Dallas moved on from Ezekiel Elliott, and they've got a new stable of backs, but it looks like they could be one injury away from really needing to make a move like this.

And by one injury away, I mean to Tony Pollard.

Having someone like Leonard Fournette in the mix could at least give Dallas peace of mind. They don't have to steal carries away from Tony Pollard in the meantime, but buying the insurance when it's still out there isn't a bad idea.