5 greatest Cowboys one-hit wonder seasons in franchise history

Who are the best one-hit wonders in Dallas Cowboys franchise history?
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Heroes get remembered, legends never die, and what about one-hit wonders? The Dallas Cowboys have had some good ones through the years. Although the Dallas Cowboys have been one of the NFL's most historically successful franchises and don't get too many guys just passing through, there are a few examples of one-hit-wonder seasons throughout the franchise's history.

Some of these players have made their way near the top of the Dallas Cowboys' all-time leaderboards, while others just had one good or solid season for the team. Maybe even just a quick moment in the spotlight.

Who are the top five greatest one-hit wonders in Dallas Cowboys history? Let's take a look.

5 greatest one-hit wonders in Dallas Cowboys history

5. Jesse Holley, WR (2009-2011)

Jesse Holley is somewhat of a modern-day version of Vince Papale, isn't he? A former basketball and football player at the University of North Carolina, Holley won a National Championship with the Tar Heels in 2005 before focusing solely on football in 2006. Although he got some looks after college by NFL teams, it wasn't until the 2009 offseason when Holley was the winner of Michael Irvin's reality show 4th and Long where he earned a spot on the Cowboys' offseason roster and an invitation to training camp.

Holley appeared in 12 games in 2010 but got a shot to actually contribute to the offense in 2011 where he caught seven passes for 169 yards and a long of 77 yards.

It wasn't so much that Holley had one great season for the Dallas Cowboys, but more the fact that he somehow made the team off of a reality show, stuck around, and actually made some plays for the team. It's one of the great one-hit-wonder stories in recent NFL history.