5 former Cowboys who are still having trouble finding a job

Which former Cowboys are still free agents in 2024?

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The Dallas Cowboys have been limited due to their salary cap situation so far in the 2024 offseason, so we've seen far more departures than anything else in NFL free agency. In fact, at the time of this post being written, the Cowboys have lost a whopping eight unrestricted free agents within the first couple of weeks of the new league year, including four to division foe Washington.

But even with eight departures in 2024, a wide variety of former Cowboys players remain available on the open market.

Which former Dallas Cowboys are still free agents in the 2024 offseason?

1. Michael Gallup, WR

It was a difficult pill to swallow, but the Cowboys have finally decided to move on from wide receiver Michael Gallup. Gallup signed a big-money contract (five years, $57.5 million) with Dallas back in the 2022 offseason. Even with Gallup coming off of injury, the Cowboys were more confident in his progression than Amari Cooper, apparently, and they traded Cooper to the Cleveland Browns for next-to-nothing.

That trade has proven to be worse than anyone really could have anticipated at the point that it was made, because Cooper has been a gift from the football gods to Cleveland and the Browns have struggled to find a consistent enough secondary target along with CeeDee Lamb.

Gallup has been taking some visits in NFL free agency, but he's currently still looking for a team this offseason. He's coming off of a season in which he caught just 34 passes for 418 yards.

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