5 first-round prospects for Cowboys who'd fit perfectly with Mike Zimmer

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The Dallas Cowboys-Mike Zimmer reunion in Dallas is officially underway and now he can begin to work. Coach Zimmer's strategic attention to detail and his fiery-passion for hard-nosed defense are the two biggest attributes that he brings to a team. Zimmer is a defensive wizard that can keep this Dallas defense playing at a high level.

His wizardry begins with his stop-the-run-first mentality, which is something Dallas lacked at times during last season. Zimmer's different blitz variations and his ability to make his players impose pressure in different ways is to credit for his successful coaching career.

Zimmer also prides himself on his 4-3 alignment and press-man coverage which is also a department the Cowboy struggled in last year. His defensive core will likely look different in the coming months as contract season gets underway. The team could lose pieces on the defensive side, but the NFL Draft could help offset those losses.

The Cowboys have a handful of needs and offensive line is a high possibility at pick No. 24. However, with Zimmer back in town, giving him more pieces to work with and a defensive stud early is also an option. Lets dive into the top defensive prospects that could fit the best in Zimmer's defense.

4 first-round prospects Cowboys could draft to set Mike Zimmer up for success

4. Chris Brasell, EDGE, Alabama

2023: 45 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, 9 sacks

On an Alabama team loaded with talent on defense, Braswell is often overlooked, but his skills as an EDGE rusher are too impressive to look beyond. Braswell can get off the edge and into the backfield quickly. His strength and athleticism make him an intriguing piece for Zimmer to work with.

Braswell is a steady riser on draft boards as we inch closer to April. He's capable of dropping back into a zone and covering crossing tight ends. This versatility is due to the pro-ready system Nick Saban runs (or ran) at Alabama.

Braswell has the skill-set to fit Zimmer's 4-3-preferred scheme perfectly. He will, however, need to improve on disengaging bigger linemen. That can be learned over time. Nonetheless, Braswell can be a home-run selection for the Cowboys.