5 dream scenarios that would boost the Cowboys' Super Bowl odds

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans
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2. The 49ers D crumbles without Demeco Ryans

It seems like the San Fransisco 49ers never miss a beat on defense regardless of who they have calling the plays.

In the time that it's taken Kyle Shanahan to turn this team into a powerhouse he's had to switch defensive coordinators twice. First, it was Robert Saleh who left to coach the Jets and now DeMeco Ryans who left for the Texans. You would think that Shanahan has caught another break with the team hiring Steve Wilks as their new defensive coordinator and for good reason, everywhere he goes the defense gets better.

Well, not this time around, this time things finally catch up to the 49ers. Saleh and Ryans were young coordinators that infused new ideas and concepts into their play calling which helped their defenses succeed, Wilks on the other hand likes to run a different scheme than Salah and Ryans did. His predecessors utilized a wide-9 defensive front whereas Wilks prefers a 4-2-5 with three cornerbacks and two safeties in the secondary with his defensive line in more of a normal formation. Given the personnel that they have things could work out for the 49ers' defense but it's more likely than not that they take a step back as Wilks implements the scheme, he's more comfortable with.