5 Cowboys who deserve blame for humiliating loss in Buffalo

The Dallas Cowboys were run out of the stadium against the Buffalo Bills in Week 15 and these 5 deserve the most blame
Dallas Cowboys
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4. DeMarcus Lawrence, EDGE

Before diving into this one, it has to be said that DeMarcus Lawrence is a veteran leader for this team and has done far more good than most players on the roster. Having said that, he helped set the negative tone early in the game against the Bills.

Dallas allowed Buffalo to march right down the field but at the six-yard line, they finally got a stop when Josh Allen was unable to connect with Stefon Diggs. That should have meant a 3-0 start for the Bills rather than 7-0. That might not feel like much but it would have been a win for the defense considering the way they were pushed around on the drive.

It wound up not leading to a field goal though as some laundry made its way to the field. It turns out that Lawrence was flagged for unnecessary roughness on Allen. That gave the Bills a fresh set of downs and moved it to the three-yard line. Two plays later, Latavius Murray ran it in from two yards out and the Bills were up 7-0.

Penalties have been a theme for Dallas this year and the last thing they needed was for a team leader to get hit for such a costly one. From there, it became a theme as well with the Cowboys being flagged on the few occasions they actually made a stop.