5 bold predictions for the Dallas Cowboys 2024 offseason

If the Dallas Cowboys really are "all-in" for 2024, they should be making these five bold moves
Dallas Cowboys
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1. Dak Prescott agrees to most lucrative contract in the NFL

The final bold prediction is one that shouldn’t be that bold at all. Every team in the NFL knows they have no chance to win unless they have their quarterback. They also tend to do everything they can to keep that quarterback happy and under contract. Well, every team except the Dallas Cowboys.

For whatever reason, they dug their heels in the last time Dak Prescott was due for a contract extension. That led to his value increasing, which is typically what happens in the NFL. After having him play on the franchise tag in 2020, Dallas signed Prescott to a four-year deal worth $160 million. As we enter the 2024 campaign, Prescott is going into the final year of that deal and currently has a cap hit of more than $59 million.

Dallas has to lower that number and the only way to truly make an impact on the hit will be to sign Dak long-term. Hopefully, the Jones family will have learned from their hesitation several years ago and just rip off the Band-Aid. Yes, Prescott will make a lot of money but the quicker he signs, the quicker his deal is surpassed — thus making his looking like a bargain within a couple of years.

With all that being said, this final bold prediction is that Dallas rewards Prescott for his MVP-caliber season by getting a deal done quickly. And when it’s signed, it will be the most lucrative contract in the league — which will also make it the most debated. Even though it will be surpassed the next time a starting quarterback needs to get re-signed.

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