5 bold predictions for the Dallas Cowboys sees Ezekiel Elliott return and more

5 bold predictions for the Dallas Cowboys heading into 2023 training camp. Ezekiel Elliott back on the Cowboys roster? UDFAs ascending?
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Mazi Smith vs. Tyler Smith becomes a major rivalry

You can't have bold training camp predictions without predicting which guys are going to get in the most fights, right?

Okay, maybe you can, but I think when you look at NFL training camps around the league, some of the top things you can expect on an annual basis include reports of things "getting chippy" and players even crossing the line into getting into fights.

Tyler Smith was the Cowboys' first-round pick last year and is obviously known for perhaps taking too many liberties with the defender as far as holding is concerned. I think there are going to be some epic battles between Tyler Smith and 2023 first-round pick Mazi Smith, who is undoubtedly going to get under the skin of the offensive linemen.


Because Mazi Smith is an absolute force on the defensive interior, and going up against another young core player like Tyler Smith is going to challenge him to be better every snap.

If you're looking for where the first fight of training camp could break out, it might be a safe bet to look first at these two competitors. This is a practice rivalry that should be a ton of fun to watch day in and day out at the Cowboys training camp.