5 bold predictions for the Dallas Cowboys sees Ezekiel Elliott return and more

5 bold predictions for the Dallas Cowboys heading into 2023 training camp. Ezekiel Elliott back on the Cowboys roster? UDFAs ascending?
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UDFA WR David Durden makes headlines with the Cowboys

Training camp is always a time for the longest of long shots to make a name for themselves, and that's exactly what I think David Durden is going to do not just throughout Cowboys training camp, but into the preseason as well.

Believe it or not, there was plenty of stiff competition for the Dallas Cowboys to sign David Durden after the 2023 NFL Draft. He was a highly sought-after UDFA sought-after along with his overall solid size profile.

Durden was a first-team All-American last year for West Florida and averaged nearly 20 yards per reception. The Cowboys are certainly in need of some breakout players at the wide receiver position, and even if Durden is out there auditioning for a practice squad spot or perhaps a spot on someone else's roster, I think this is exactly the type of player that can come into training camp and make some waves.

He's got the athletic ability, he has playmaking skills, and he can contribute in the return game and as a gunner on special teams.

Undrafted players or late-round picks at receiver need to make their presence felt on special teams in order to make a roster early on in their careers. It's not just going to be some big plays and splashes as a receiver in training camp that ends up being the reason Durden makes this Cowboys roster.

But those splash plays will be accompanied by strong special teams play. Durden is an older rookie at 24 years of age, and the reason he's entering the NFL at that old age is that he tried his hand at playing pro baseball after being drafted by the Boston Red Sox in 2017.

With that being said, I think this is a player Dallas Cowboys fans need to be watching closely throughout training camp and the preseason.