5 bold predictions for the Dallas Cowboys sees Ezekiel Elliott return and more

5 bold predictions for the Dallas Cowboys heading into 2023 training camp. Ezekiel Elliott back on the Cowboys roster? UDFAs ascending?
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The Dallas Cowboys are expected to be one of the best teams in the NFC in 2023 and training camp later this month will be the first in-depth look at a pretty substantially reshaped roster, one that looks improved all-around. The roster, at this point, has been discussed ad nauseam. The team has been dissected by fans and analysts alike.

Predictions have been made. Lists have been made. Position groups have been ranked. But what can be expected at Dallas Cowboys training camp in 2023? What might throw people off a little bit?

Let's take a look at five bold predictions for the Cowboys in training camp coming up later this month.

Ezekiel Elliott makes his return to the Dallas Cowboys

The more time goes on, the more likely it feels that the Dallas Cowboys could add Ezekiel Elliott back into the fold. The free agent running back market has been mostly dismal. At that time of this writing, players like Elliott, Dalvin Cook, Kareem Hunt, and Leonard Fournette all remain without teams. It's a cruel world out there for running backs, and unless Elliott is hellbent on playing for some team besides Dallas, it may be in his best interests to return in 2023.

Elliott is obviously a franchise legend at this point, and even if his effectiveness is not what it was early on in his career, he's got the ability still to help this Dallas Cowboys team go deep into the playoffs because he can help move the chains and convert in the red zone. He had 52 first down runs last season and all of his 12 touchdowns last year came inside the 20.

That ranked second behind only Jamaal Williams of the Lions who had 16 red zone touchdowns in 2022. Perhaps we will see Elliott return to Dallas before or during training camp on a short-term deal.