5 bold predictions for Cowboys in Week 2 vs Jets

• KaVontae Turpin keeps having fun

• Micah gets his turn to rack up the sacks

• Dak Prescott continues to silence the doubters

Dallas Cowboys v New York Jets
Dallas Cowboys v New York Jets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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1. Dak Prescott goes another game without a turnover

In Week 1, the Cowboys won 40-0 and hardly had to ask anything of their offense. They wound up running the ball 30 times for 122 yards and had just 25 passing attempts. The final came from Cooper Rush and fell incomplete.

Starting quarterback Dak Prescott finished by completing 13-of-24 passing attempts 143 with no touchdowns and no interceptions. It was nowhere close to the stat line we’re used to seeing from No. 4, especially against the Giants. Then again, things change when the defense and special teams both drop touchdowns while pitching a shutout.

For most quarterbacks, this would have been considered a decent night. Prescott was efficient, took very few chances, and kept the chains — and the clock — moving. He did what he needed to in order to make sure Dallas started 1-0 and also accomplished a major goal — he had no turnovers.

Despite missing five games in 2022, Prescott was first in the league with 15 picks (which is a low number of interceptions for a league leader). This year, he’s been vocal about wanting to bring that number down and some feel the decision to move on from offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is tied to the desire to take fewer unnecessary risks.

With all that being said, this final bold prediction is that Prescott continues to play it clean. Not only does he lead the Cowboys to another win but he does so while throwing no interceptions and losing no fumbles.