4 X-factors that will be crucial in Cowboys' Week 1 clash vs NY Giants

Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys
Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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The time has come for the Dallas Cowboys to put their money where their mouth is as the 2023 NFL season kicks off this week.

The Cowboys face a familiar season-opening foe in the New York Giants, who are looking to build on their playoff run last season much like Dallas.

As much as people want to believe that this will be a situation where the Cowboys will come out on top thanks to Dak Prescott's record against the Giants (10-2 all-time), New York's offense will be tricky to pin down early on with their use of disguises to free receivers, Saquon Barkley at running back and an improved offensive line.

Their defense has been pretty solid the last few seasons as well so it's going to be an interesting battle, to say the least.

In order for the Cowboys to come out on top Sunday night, the following X-factors could play a pivotal role in the game's outcome.

4. Play-calling changes

Over the past few seasons, the Cowboys have run into issues towards the end of the season regarding the offensive play-calling. A majority of the focus highlighted the type of routes and running plays called by then-offensive coordinator Kellen Moore.

Well, that issue has been rectified with the release of Moore and Mike McCarthy taking over that role along with new offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

This means a lot less hitch and curl routes that allow defenders to make plays on the football and more slants that will allow Prescott to hit his receivers on the move in order to create more YAC opportunities.

This also trickles down to the running game, where it seemed like Moore wasn't coming up with alternate running plays and went back to the well one too many times. The combination of McCarthy and Schottenheimer calling this new "Texas Coast" offense allows them to show teams something different and unexpected instead of seeing the 18% of his passes going to hitch routes, according to PFF.