4 realistic Cowboys trade targets before NFL trade deadline

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2 WR trade targets for Cowboys

Hunter Renfrow, Raiders

When we've seen Dak Prescott really succeed and shred defenses, he had a receiver in the middle of the field that was able to find the soft spots in zone coverage and quickness off the line to create space. That player was Cole Beasley. Now that the Cowboys don't have that type of player, they could be looking for one in order to make things easier for Prescott instead of continuing to force-feed Michael Gallup the football.

Renfrow would be a great addition if that's what they are looking for: his ability to get open, fill holes in zones, and work back to the quarterback when a play breaks down would help this offense stay on the field longer than they have been so far.

Right now, the team could get him at a lower cost thanks to the Raiders not using him the way that they have in the past. His cap number is a little over $10 million this season but the Cowboys could work a deal the same way they did with the Texans to bring in Brandin Cooks in order to make it work for them.

Jerry Jeudy, Broncos

The rumors of Jeudy and the Cowboys still continue to swirl and for good reason. The Broncos have been in fire sale mode shipping off Randy Gregory to the 49ers and cutting Frank Clark. Now with the trade deadline two weeks away, look for them to try and unload either Courtland Sutton or Jeudy in order to get draft capital.

Much like Renfrow, Jeudy is in a situation where his quarterback play doesn't give him the opportunity to highlight his talents. That along with his injury issues have resulted in underwhelming trade offers from teams, which could give the Cowboys the chance to come in and make a deal. Maybe trading a certain recently acquired quarterback in return for Jeudy?