4 overrated free agents still available the Cowboys should stay away from

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4. Connor Williams

Losing Tyler Biadasz was a crusher to the Cowboys' offensive line. While some still consider him undersized to play center, Biadasz was productive during his four years in Dallas replacing Travis Frederick. Now they are looking at potentially Brock Hoffman and T.J. Bass as replacements or drafting a center. Why not bring back a familiar face who is still available in Connor Williams?

There has been virtually no movement from the Cowboys on replacing their center through free agency and there should be. Outside of the quarterback, center is one of the most important positions on offense. Brining back Williams could solidify that, but there are reasons Dallas did not bring him back when his rookie contract was up.

The Cowboys tried Williams at center during training camp in 2021, but a bad showing against the Arizona Cardinals in preseason derailed that idea. At guard in Dallas, Williams struggled with holding penalties in almost every game he played in. That lead to Dallas letting him walk and eventually ending up in Miami.

With the Dolphins, Williams started to find himself. In his first year with them in 2022 he switched to center and only allowed three sacks and was flagged only six times the whole year. He looked to build off his performance in 2023, but his season was cut short due to a torn ACL. That left him to hit to open market this offseason.

The definition of "insanity" is doing the same thing again expecting different results but that is a regular part of the Jones' plans on running the Cowboys. Based on his struggles with the team for the four years he was here, Williams should not be on Dallas' radar in the second wave of free agency. However, if the team cannot find what they feel is a suitable replacement in the draft it would not be surprising if Jerry reaches out to an old friend.

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