4 great free agents the Cowboys could've signed but didn't

The Cowboys should have signed these four free agents.
Aaron Jones
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1. Aaron Jones, RB

Losing out on Zack Moss because $4 million per season was too rich for the Cowboys led to a lot of angry fans. While we can argue that might have been too much for that specific player, Dallas seemed to place that price tag on the position as a whole, which is incredibly short-sighted.

Perhaps that's fair if you're looking at a player who might give you roughly four yards per carry without being a major weapon in the passing game. But some backs are worth more than that, and Aaron Jones is one of them.

Jones, who grew up a die-hard Cowboys fan, unexpectedly hit the open market when the Green Bay Packers signed Josh Jacobs. They asked Jones to take a pay cut and when he declined, he was sent packing. The dots were connected to Dallas immediately, but they seemed to be the only ones who didn't realize what an opportunity they were given. This was absurd given that the last game they played was a massacre thanks to Jones.

In the loss to Green Bay in the Wild Card game, Jones put up 118 yards and three touchdowns on the ground. This is a norm for him as well. Jones faced Dallas four times in his career, with the other three being in the regular season. He's never gone under 100 yards and has at least one touchdown in every outing.

Added together, Jones had 370 yards rushing and 102 receiving in three games with six touchdowns. Four of those touchdowns were in one game back in 2019. Rather than getting that kind of firepower on their team, they ignored him and he signed with the Minnesota Vikings on a one-year $7 million deal. That's a bargain for someone who can break a game open as a runner and receiver.

Dallas still has no starting-caliber backs on their team and they might have painted themselves in a corner come draft time.

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