4 crucial things we learned in Cowboys' preseason finale vs Raiders

  • Will Grier gets proper sendoff 
  • 2022 UDFA belongs on the final roster 
  • Rookie shines bright in first real opportunity 
  • All good on the kicking front? 
Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys
Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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1. Brandon Aubrey earned the kicker job ... for now

The Cowboys' kicker dilemma is far from resolved, but Aubrey looked the part on Saturday after a strong finish to training camp. He missed a 59-yard field goal early in the game, but converted from the same distance in the fourth quarter and overcame a high snap to boot.

It's doubtful Aubrey would have been cut if he missed twice from 59 yards, but the make all but cemented his spot on the 53-man roster.

Even on the miss, Aubrey had plenty of distance, which indicates he has more than enough leg strength to make it as an NFL kicker.

How he handles the pressure of the regular season remains to be seen and will ultimately determine his success -- or lack thereof -- with the Cowboys, but fans should feel better about the kicker situation after Saturday.

It's been Aubrey's job to lose for weeks now and he's still hanging around. That says something, does it not?