4 Cowboys who have miraculously saved their jobs this season

Which Cowboys players have miraculously saved their jobs in 2023?
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3. Brandin Cooks, WR

I think the Dallas Cowboys are going to be moving on from at least one of either Michael Gallup or Brandin Cooks after the 2023 season, and with the way they've both been playing as of late, I think the odds are very much against Gallup at this point. Brandin Cooks is still going to have to perform at a high level to make sure he's still got a job in Dallas next year, but the Cowboys have gotten much better return on investment here since the middle of October.

It was truly tough sledding for Cooks in September and even early October. He played in just four games from September 10-October 8, and in that timeframe, the best game he had was 27 yards receiving and a fumble.

Since that time, Cooks has four games with at least 50 yards receiving, including a game in which he had nine receptions for 173 yards and a touchdown. He's now up to 497 receiving yards this season along with five touchdowns.

As the season has gone along, Cooks's impact has been felt a lot more and I think the Cowboys have to be encouraged by the veteran presence he brings to the table. Although they have ways out of his contract next offseason, you can't help but wonder if the way he's been playing the last two months has cemented him as someone in the team's plans for 2024.