4 Cowboys who have miraculously saved their jobs this season

Which Cowboys players have miraculously saved their jobs in 2023?
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2. Luke Schoonmaker, TE

Of course, you always want to be patient with young players, but sometimes it's hard not to get caught up in the moment when young players are struggling, and guys that were taken behind them in the NFL Draft are thriving.

Especially when it comes to players who could be helping your team...

Luke Schoonmaker hasn't statistically been blowing anyone away in his rookie season, but he was a coveted player in a loaded tight end class who has slowly -- and surely -- begun making his mark on the 9-3 Dallas Cowboys.

Of course, the Cowboys are getting the best of both worlds right now as Schoonmaker has really been thriving as a blocker while Jake Ferguson, another young player at the position, has emerged as a stud in the passing game. Ferguson has 498 yards, five touchdowns, and we've still got five games left to play.

Which also means there's more room for Schoonmaker to get himself involved as a receiver. I think it would have been really premature to write Schoonmaker off before the end of his rookie season, but again, NFL Draft hindsight will do funny things to you in the moment.

A little patience has shown us that Schoonmaker is just fine, and making a substantial impact for this team offensively.