4 Cowboys we can safely call busts after 2023 season

It might be safe to call a few Cowboys players busts after the 2023 season...

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4. DL Neville Gallimore

The Dallas Cowboys used a third-round pick on Neville Gallimore in the 2020 NFL Draft, and people felt at the time that they had gotten one of the biggest steals in that particular draft.

As a matter of fact, many experts had Gallimore as a possible second-round pick in that class. Here's what NFL.com's Lance Zierlein had to say about him leading up to the 2020 draft:

"Flash talent whose tape has moments but fails to fully deliver. Gallimore goes hard from snap to whistle with secondary effort that brings decent production, but his NFL potential may be limited by a lack of leverage and contact balance. Oklahoma had him playing in the gaps but he might be more effective improving his hands and learning to two-gap. Unless he turns the flashes into a finished product, his future may be as a rotation tackle in an even front."

Lance Zierlein

Although Zierlein pegged Gallimore as a second-round player, it's almost scary just how accurate his assessment has turned out to be. Those "flashes" of talent from Gallimore haven't materialized into anything consistent. He played as many as 48 percent of the Cowboys' snaps back in 2021, but over the last two seasons, his role has diminished substantially.

He played a career-low 27 percent of Dallas's snaps defensively in 2023 despite dressing for all 17 regular season games. And with that, his contract is ending and the Cowboys are almost certain to move on from him in free agency. With the Cowboys' need for defensive linemen to step up on the interior in recent years, having a player like Gallimore step up could have been huge.

It didn't happen.

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