4 Cowboys we can safely call busts after 2023 season

It might be safe to call a few Cowboys players busts after the 2023 season...
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3. CB Nahshon Wright

To say there have been opportunities for cornerbacks with the Dallas Cowboys in recent years would be an understatement.

We've seen the emergence of a number of young corners in Dallas but we've also seen players struggle. The last two seasons, young players Trevon Diggs and DaRon Bland have made it to the Pro Bowl. The Cowboys brought in veteran Stephon Gilmore this past offseason in a trade with the Colts, but there was some hope that Nahshon Wright could carve out a role for himself in 2023.

The injury to Trevon Diggs may have been his inroad, but it was Bland who seized the opportunity and set an NFL record with five interceptions returned for a touchdown.

Wright played 50 snaps defensively this past season, and there were injuries to both Diggs and Gilmore (albeit at very different points of the season) and nickel corner Jourdan Lewis really struggled early on in the year.

You would have thought with the way Lewis struggled so badly early in the year that Wright might have at least gotten a chance and maybe the Cowboys could have tried him out as a big slot, but it didn't happen.

Wright has a fascinating combination of height (6-foot-4) and speed (4.46 in the 40-yard dash) but so far, it's only translated to special teams for the Cowboys. Now that he's entering year four, it might be safe to say things aren't going to work out for him as a cornerback with Dallas.